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HP-UX is a time machine

HP-UX makes one feel young again, like it is 1988. Sad that customers have been screwed over by HP, which did not modernize the product in the last 15 years. Since the last Itanium servers were announced in 2005, nothing happened. Sometimes it takes quite some talking to convince users that Linux on a recent Xeon or IBM p-Series is 1500% faster, and I/O on the same Xeon does over 300 MByte/sec on a system with a smart-array controller, instead of a meager 90 MByte/sec.

The world of these systems is interesting, I know two major companies who are tied to discontinued HP9000 PA-Risc systems running essential applications, in their opinion, migrating to a modern platform is too much work. Those owning function HP9000 PA-Risc hardware should sit tight on it, it might be worth a lot one day, even when your smart phone has more memory, cpu and storage capacity.

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