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"To be hip and trendy the latest multi year project I'm involved in is being run on Agile principles."

"The customer mandated the product be managed using Agile"


reading your intro reminded me of some of the BOFH articles. well done! Simon would've been snarkier, of course.

as for me, I'll fill in the blanks as I see it:

1. Customer exec read an article that had the word 'Agile' in it.

2. This filtered down to the contract manager as a "requirement"

3. Agile 'as a requirement' became part of your development contract, with no explanation as to what that actually means.

4. People on YOUR end head-scratched for a while, trying to document how they were fulfilling the contract, and "came up with something"

and the result (as you described it):

"its all a complete cluster fuck trying to keep the new age customer happy, the old age executives happy and still deliver a credible product in the short term."

It can't be said any better.

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