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'waterfall with dithering'

It's amazing - I've worked at a handful of places that do "Agile" but none that do Agile. If you see what I mean. At the best it's waterfall with dithering.

My current place does "scrum" - an hour long meeting in the pub every other Friday.

this looks like a PRACTICAL approach, not a hard-line stick-to-the-definition approach. Isn't that what we REALLY want?

I've never seen pure 'waterfall' design. Normally things are done "top down", that is 'definining the spec' but the spec CAN change if it's necessary. It becomes more difficult as you go further along, but if you need to change an API before it's published, that should be fine. If you need to change it AFTER, you have a 'compatibility' version. I think APIs have been managed like this for as long as they've existed. So you have to think *REALLY* hard about "that kind of design work" before you actually implement it.

But you could still be 'agile' without diving 100% into the concept known as 'Agile'. So your comment about 'waterfall with dithering' makes sense.

And, it probably ships product ON TIME and UNDER BUDGET. then you can work on 'Rev 2.0' (that deals everything you COULD still be working on if you'd done Agile, but you wanted revenue from sales of 1.0 didn't you?)

AND, bi-weekly "scrum" meetings at the local pub, yeah. In my part of the world, it might be an actual BREWERY.

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