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"....agile software development has wheedled its way into most every developer's mind as The Way Good Software Is Done...." Great! The problem is most developers haven't a clue how to do any of the other parts of the project process that actually are required to ensure success. I have lost count of the number of times I've heard coders exalting "We'll go scrum, that means no project manager", followed shortly after by the project grinding to a dead-end, over-budget and having not met the customer's needs. And the number of times I've seen developers gather business requirements successfully can be counted on one hand! It's quite amusing watching customers desperately trying to adjust their requirements to suit the prototype a scrum has delivered, just so there is something of value to show for the money spent.

Sure, do the development phase as agile, but make sure the preceding phases are done properly, and that someone knows how to close the project after development too. Waterfall (with feedback) is still superior for that reason and that is why it is still preferred by businesses.

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