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"Will this help the customer?"

Wrong question. The right one is "Will this help long-term sales/subscriptions/etc., possibly expanding them?" This is especially important in complex systems development and design, where the "customer" (and you have to identify the correct ones) is a dimension, albeit the very important one, because they pay - to take into account. Just pleasing the customer, ignoring all the rest, usually lead to house of cards which will eventually don't satisfy the customer and crumble. Complex systems may need changes invisible to the customer that ensure long-term stability and evolution - which in the end will help the customer as well.

Of course that doesn't mean development should stall and no "customer features" are added, but beware to add more and more "customer features" on a structure that can't handle them properly, or even features that are thought to help the customer but don't, because the wrong customer expectations are used. You can see it, for example, in products that can sell only in a single geographical market, because only a very market-specific customer has been identified.

I had troubles some years ago when I proposed to fully unicode-enable an application and it was rejected because it wouldn't have benefited actual customers. Until they lost a big order from a new one because the lack of it...

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