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Charging at night is a mantra left over from the days of electric cars being a small hobby for a few, it really is 20th century in origin.

Large power users have already shifted some of their load to off peak times and in area's where a large number have done that they successfully moved some of the peak from late afternoon to night. In doing so they removed the "zero" strain and created a demand greater than the base load resulting in some savings but not those promised.

Even the electrical industry has adapted and where the night time rates are low enough they will take equipment out of service at night and have their workers come in even if higher labor rates have to be paid. Which increasingly they do not because the government has responded and put in programs to keep labor rates low even if national supply and demand would have them increase.

There are a lot of industry and bean counters feeding off the $0 a MW rates that used to be available in some areas at off peak times.

Electric cars are new load, they are not currently part of the peak load, nor are they part of the increasing power demands of the digital boom. Power demands of computers and digital devices is increasing and are also facing the reality of limited power being available. They too are looking at charging in off peak and running off stored energy during peak to save money.

These two new loads, transportation and digital devices, will be more than can be supplied by a few panels on the garage or on top of skyscrapers.

It isn't all bad though. The coming higher prices for grid connections will encourage more to go off grid and for those remaining to become more efficient.

And there is Fusion, power will be too cheap to meter when we get that working. ;)

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