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Printer fun over the years

Hate them.

My first 'real' IT job, I was made it feel /really/ useful when told by my boss how just ONE of these high capacity printers cost more than twice my salary.

I did get /some/ small measure of satisfaction a few weeks later when it ran out of toner in the middle of some /pretty/ vital work being unable to be done (would have been huge fines if regulators found out about the documentation not actually existing at certain times).

The guy flying down the M6 to get to us was MIA. He later turned up swearing blind that he'd been stopped by the police for speeding and that's why he wasn't here on time. Another Boss who'd chosen these printers and was having doubts now about going against the advice of the techs was starting to get twitchy about everything and was getting annoyed with the continued problems "they stopped you for 5 hours? you must have been /really/ zooming along". "well... there were roadworks too" "yes, yes, of course, strange we came that same route this morning and didn't see them".

To be fair, the boss did make a valid point "why do you only turn up to replace the toner when it says empty?" "there'd not be much point replacing a half full cartridge, they're not cheap" "I don't think you understand, why only when it says empty? Can we get a few more spares" "well, you need to go through training to be able to configure these things..." "a printer cartridge? really?" "yes, they're more complex than you think..." "ok, ok, but why only 'empty', it'd be like having a car that had a petrol tank gauge that only flashed empty when you're suddenly coasting to a stop because you've ran out of fuel 'yeah, thanks, I know that now' so why.." "well, it's all networked, but you chose not to get THAT option..." "Don't even start... you're saying we can only find out if the printer cartridge is nearing empty if we spend another few k? And why does it do the same for the paper bins too? Can't we get a display showing a rough %? Like how a car petrol tank shows half empty?" "Too complex..."

At that point, as struggling with the cartridge, he dropped it. It cracked open. And a huge mushroom cloud of toner slowly went up, to be caught by the server room's out-gassing vent (if not the right name, but the vent at the top where all the heat was sucked out into the large machine room).

There was a covering of toner of the guy, the printers, everything in a line even reaching the window. To avoid A) laughing B) an asthma attack, I ducked out of the room.

We ended up with a few spares of the cartridges and got the cleaning crew to replace them/the paper if the 'test print' looked a bit washed out and the paper bin looked a bit empty.

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