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My first home-office laser printer was an HP LJ 1, in 1988. It made me classify HP as a company that produced great printers, lousy drivers. A few years later I got an HP colour laser, but it ended up printing only in magenta. On the web I found a helpful page from a fellow victim, outlining how, in about 6 hours with a great deal of care, you could restore the colour laser to HP-goodness. I decided to give the printer away, with the URL so that the next victim would know what (s)he was up against. So I revised HP to meh printers and drivers. Then I bought a cheap Lexmark. OMG, crummy printer and crummy drivers (full 100 MB package) as well. The package is intrusive and prevents printing entirely! Although to be fair, Windows networking has problems too.

I was hoping that in this thread I'd find a printer manufacturer that, after all these decades, had learned the gentle art...but so far all I've seen is further lists of companies that haven't.

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