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My experience of Vodanaff was some 15 years of decent service followed by worsening signals, incompetent support, constant price hikes, and regular outages. When I complained that the signal level at my home had gone from 4 bars to 1 (and to get that I had to go upstairs, and I live in the middle of a housing estate in a medium sized town) their response was to try to sell me a £60 microcell jobby that would route their calls through MY broadband connection. REALLY? Are their people really that stupid. So, I got the **** out and moved to Tesco. 3 years later I am still with them, am paying less than half what I was paying Vodacrud 3 years ago for a much better phone and more minutes, have 4 bars signal at home, and whenever I have to call their Support, they are a joy to deal with. Of course, that may change now they have outsourced their support, but I hope not.

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