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What will laws on self-driving cars look like? Think black boxes and 'minimum attention'

Facepalm the USA.

Last time I was in the US of A I took a Sunday stroll and had to wander out each evening to get food as the hotel had no restaurant. Also regular visits to the nearest gas station as they had a fine stock of Speckled Hen, Old Peculiar, 6X etc.

The local law enforcement turned up on the Thursday before my departure back to Blighty. I did enquire of the receptionist if all was well.

It only dawned on me half way across the Atlantic that the receptionists response of "the police had reports of a lurker" that there's a good chance it may have been me. I don't recall seeing many residents walking anywhere only the odd jogger and 1 or 2 cyclinsts IN A WHOLE WEEK. PP

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