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"My 2003 Dodge Ram pickup had one"

If you car has airbags, it has a black box.

This proposed legislation is counterproductive. Handing control back when things are already going pearshaped is the worst thing which can be done.

As for the Tesla case:

1: It was a cruise control, not an automated vehicle - and yes, it needs to scan for higher obstacles.

2: There are unresolved issues

-missing dashcam (the driver recorded all his trips, why would he have not been recording this one?)

-the truck driver's claims of hearing a dvd player are impossible over a running truck engine

-there's no indication of whether a human could have avoided the incident (clotheslining crashes are depressingly common in the USA, which leads to....)

3: It was caused by a truck driver turning across oncoming at-speed traffic which had right of way in any case - which in any sane jurisdiction should lead to charges being filed even if noone got hurt.

Automated vehicles don't need to drive perfectly. They just need to drive consistently and safely at a level better than the average human driver - which is a spectacularly low bar.

Almost all crashes on the road (NOT accidents) are the result of at least 2 sets of serious driving errors. Our road rules are setup such that you can drive quite badly and generally "get away with it" if others are paying attention and road designs take emotional, impatient monkeys into account most of the time.

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