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Sweary Toung in cheek response, let the flame wars commence!

See you need to copy and paste this into a fixed width editor for this to make any sense

xterm works well!





* *

* Yes I agree that a lot of people who comment in this *

* style may like the occaisional tipple into the strange *

* and magical world of LSD! They also write comments *

* like this from tunefs(8) in SunOs 4.1.1 when the x86 *

* was just born and Microsoft were not so big and this *

* quirky little thing called the Linux Kernel was just *

* being developed and folk like me were patching flawed *

* device drivers just to get their system to boot with *

* dirty #defines to get around the changing PCI id's of *

* cards that were just coming out on an all new bus *

* *

* Again before your time linus but cards coming out on a *

* bus is a bit like the electronic version of the *

* Village people doing a performance entirely based on *

* public transport! *

* *

* A lot of our code was shite because we wern't interested*

* in an elegant solution, that's what you guys were for *

* "I've got it working now go and be a good boy and tidy *

* this up for me, here is the problem, I'm off to solve *

* the next obsure bug in my hardware" *

* *

* Our code was tempory but our comments should last *

* forever because:- *

* 1. We're funnier *

* 2. We're fluffier *

* 3. We have supirior patience with the space bar and *

* can instinctively plan way way way ahead of you; *

* 4. We know how much you want to edit the crap out of *

* this shit but hey! I just right justified the 2^ *

* lines above just because I can and if this were; *

* "Linus Christ Forgive" a real .c file containing *

* 'real' code then every forth or fifth word would *

* bee some kind of ridiculous pun or obscure fact. *

* *


*** The definition of a "line us tor valds" is simply ***

*** WE DREW THE LINES BEFORE...... Valds Debt existed ***

*** ***


***** Here lies the last remnants of a distant realm. *****

* *

* Beware of Dragons masquarading as IP Packets! *

* *

* Nufsed! *


// insert C++ code here, fuck it use ruby, or any other bulshit you like, I don't care, cause I can optomize assember to use opcodes as

// friggin constants to save on ROM space! (systemd is both bulshit and quite good, they probably use comments like this, you pays

// your money, you takes your choice!

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