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Once when contracting to Ericsson AU - many years ago - I found a similar error... then mentioned it to my supervisor (very old lady near retirement, reporting to the CFO).

She told me to ignore it, and not mention it to anyone. Which I thought was weird.

I mentioned it to the CFO later on (as a young, dumb, clueless person does) who was shaken at the time.

Needless to say, I was immediately fired by my supervisor. Who naturally, probably had a good excuse to the CFO and never needed to follow up it.

At least, not in the few months until she retired. :/

Thankfully, I've learned to be more discrete over the years when finding corruption and things of similar ilk.

a) Document things properly

b) Have (distributed) backups, that others will access

c) Have a chat to the corruptor. I can/perhaps/maybe overlook the problem... but what do I get out of it if I do? (document this)

d) If possible, find someone external to report to. Else, Wikileaks/similar.

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