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"Really, you guys call a band-aid a "plaster"? I honestly didn't know that."

I live in Scotland (#) and I didn't even realise at the time of the "Do They Know It's Christmas?" single that "Band Aid" was the name of a make of plaster. Wasn't till years later I came across some and thought it was odd they had the same name as Bob Geldof's mates.

Yeah, I always called them plasters when I was growing up, though I remember one of my friends calling them an "Elastoplast" after a brand of sticking plaster that's far better known here.

"Band Aid", though? What that? I was about as likely to use that name for them as you were to call them "USA for Africas". :-)

(#) Still one of the non-English parts of the United Kingdom of Little England and Its Provincial Chums at the time of writing

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