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Linus Torvalds in sweary rant about punctuation in kernel comments

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Is it really so hard to use source code formatting tools or use existing one?

What is the problem with passing all kernel code over such filters and do one final commit to git before final release?

$ man indent | grep -- -comment

-bbb, --blank-lines-before-block-comments

-cn, --comment-indentationn

-cdn, --declaration-comment-columnn

-cdb, --comment-delimiters-on-blank-lines

-dn, --line-comments-indentationn

-fc1, --format-first-column-comments

-fca, --format-all-comments

Set maximum line length for non-comment lines to n.

-lcn, --comment-line-lengthn

-ncdb, --no-comment-delimiters-on-blank-lines

-nfc1, --dont-format-first-column-comments

-nfca, --dont-format-comments

-nsc, --dont-star-comments

-sc, --start-left-side-of-comments

--blank-lines-before-block-comments -bbb

--comment-delimiters-on-blank-lines -cdb

--comment-indentation -cn

--declaration-comment-column -cdn

--dont-format-comments -nfca

--dont-format-first-column-comments -nfc1

--dont-star-comments -nsc

--format-all-comments -fca

--format-first-column-comments -fc1

--line-comments-indentation -dn

--no-blank-lines-before-block-comments -nbbb

--no-comment-delimiters-on-blank-lines -ncdb

--start-left-side-of-comments -sc

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