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One nitpick first: The PDP-8 could only directly address 4K words (or 256? words, for a more stringent definition of "directly") but they (most models? I don't know of an exception) could use banking to extend that to something like 32K max. Later models could go even larger, maybe a Meg (I remember an ad featuring an elephant).

As for "too little memory", I recently did a small job where the customer had already committed to a PIC with something like 96 bytes of RAM and 1.5K of ROM. I suppose someone, somewhere might be daft enough to program such a chip in C, but it would be wrong in so many ways. Among others, I needed to use coroutines to meet the spec. Also, in my experience, the compilers for such machines are not exactly "best in breed" ("Standards? More like Guidelines, really"), and finally, I have rarely met a person who is just fine with C but draws the line at assembly. If they have made a choice based on a real evaluation of the needs and capabilities, maybe. But most of what I see, (especially) including these comments, is "gut revulsion", not "real evaluation".

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