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"When I was writing code back in the day, my comments were mainly there for the next man who would be looking at the code. "


You may be a fantastic coder who can look at a function in FORTRAN and instantly divine it's purpose, or you may just have a great memory and recall why you wrote every bit of code as you did. Regardless, assume the next guy who's going to look at it is a half-blind concussed chimpanzee in a masturbatory frenzy with an attention span of 45 seconds, knows nothing of the language and will delete anything that is not explicitly commented with 'DO NOT DELETE THIS YOU PILLOCK'.

We know for a fact that, no matter how short-term code is meant to be in use for, there are many cases critical for the functioning of the entire economy where bits of code have actually outlived the languages they're written in. Dead languages lurk at the bottom of banks and underlying the nuclear weapons launch systems. In fifty years, some poor bastard who only heard of C++ once in a two-hour history lesson while he was hung over may need to crack open your code and figure out what the hell it is meant to do on a time limit, and if you're not commenting because of some idiotic notion of 'coding purity' or some other bullshit, then that guy's life just became infinitely harder. Comment properly, don't be an asshole.

Besides, writing code 'clearly' is often the exact opposite of writing code efficiently.

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