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Even with comments it is not easy to understand. Without comments? Good luck.

So use comments then!

Neither I nor that article have said that you shouldn't use them. We're just saying that you should consider rewriting the code as an alternative. In my original post I made the observation that kernel code likely would need commenting because by it's nature it was harder to write clear code. In my second post I just said you should consider rewriting code. Clearly you've come up with another example where it's hard to write code that is self-documenting.

Are you incapable of thinking in a nuanced way? That author clearly encountered people like you when he published his first article. You appear to have had a knee-jerk and polarised reaction and decided to pigeon hole me as never commenting my code.

At no *censored* time have I ever suggested that

All we're saying is that comments can create various problems and in a lot of cases they are not actually solving a problem. The best code is code that is self-explanatory and in my opinion every time you feel the need to write a comment you should at least take a minute and consider if the code could convey that information on its own. That's all. If the answer is 'no, it can't' then by all means use comments!

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