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Anal ? Obsessive ?

IMHO it is unfair to ridicule someone for their disability.

If someone is obsessive, then there is probably a good reason for their behaviour.

If you want to work with someone who is this way, then you have to make allowances for their disability.

If you cannot, then you should be working somewhere else, as you will not enjoy the ride and you will spoil their fun by moaning all the fucking time.

People who are obsessive may be medically classed as OCDC, Autistic, Asperges, et al.

The irony is, that people who are obsessive often make the best coders, quality controllers, testers, validators, analysists, musicians, artists, writers, poets, architects, engineers, inventors.

Critics criticise, they rarely produce anything of value by them selves.

Apart from unrest and dis-ease.

A little appreciation of the mentally challenged amongst us would be in order.

Must be on the wong drugs !


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