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"Never had to worry about aligning the stars though - the elder gods handled it for me"

Fixed that for you.

Personally, I tend to write a lot of comments while figuring out the shape of the new code, but once the code's actually working, unless the logic is amazingly complicated or obscure (usually due to external factors), it'll all be deleted. I'm much more a fan these days of making the code itself as clear and self-documenting.

Mind you, one thing that did keep me vaguely amused at a previous place of employment was finding occasional comment-gems buried in ye olde codebase which drove much of their systems. I even ended up recording a few for posterity...


* This makes baby jesus cry.


* It *really* needs refactoring.



// Joe Bloggs - 10th October 20XX

// It's Tuesday - it's not stopped raining since yesterday :(


// Farewell, cruel world



* Halp, I'm being held hostage inside a software factory where I'm made to write the following shite


// thank goodness you're here, bizarrely circumlocutory error handling mechanism!

// Function : <xyz>

// A.K.A : <abc>

// Purpose : To stop me ever having to type this farty little bit of boiler plate code again :-)

... and so on!

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