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Stop, just stop

Stop giving that joke of a ranking known as TIOBE publicity, it is nothing more than a glorified Google search rank graph. If you do that, perhaps it will finally suffocate and die.

As anyone who has actually looked for a job in the last 10 years can tell you, Java is not 3 times more in demand than C#, C is not 3 times more popular than Python, and C++ is definitely not two times more in demand than Javascript. TIOBE's high ranking of C is due to their inability to effectively separate searches for C-as-a-programming-language from searches for "C-suite", "C-class driving license", "Arthur C. Clarke", "Boeing C-40 Clipper", and so on. If you want actual data, look no further than here:

These guys index actual job ads, not google searches. As can be seen from their graph, use of Assembly in jobs where you actually get paid is in long-term decline, and currently the demand for it is on par with the likes of Erlang (ie. almost non-existent)

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