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Cobol, jokes ?

Not half as much as that disease of PHB dreams and affluenza, the abomination and love of all hardware vendors, java. In fact, all IOT should be coded in Java. At least there would no security issues.

OTGH, assembler teaches programmers to be precise, plan ahead, design. You know, all those skills oldtimers did as a matter of routine before the invention of RAD tools. And resource considerations got consigned to dustbin of history by OO code ideals.

Horns of dilemma here. Finally modern coders get to do it right and we lose privacy or crap code continues with the only winners being hardware floggers

I am still outraged that my newest PC has 80 times the RAM, double the cores, 100 times the network speed, 100 times the disk of the payroll server for an entire department only 20 years ago and is slower than the XT I used 30 years ago, the 386/486 20 years ago and the 7 year old current linux box. Just got the latest Win10 patches. Bigger than some older hard disks not so long ago.

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