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"employers can't employ them at the rate that (equals) their productivity"

~ "employers can't employ them at the rate that (equals) their productivity"

You'd prefer to hire them at a buck-fifty I guess... Its the old lets-chase-down-wages argument...? Make a better case here, give some examples. You're not articulating anything!


~ "more than just poverty, inequality, and racism at play"

......Sure, but what are they? You fail to add anything new here either...


~ "Venezuela is the poster child"

....For self-destructive all-out anti-American policy making... But Venezuela is a bad example, an outlier. I'm just talking about basic social programs, health care & free education. But this is unthinkable 'intervention' to you...


~ "As Maggie would say (roughly)..."

....We have to deal with Thatcher now, give me Reagan at least. You run out of other people's money just as quickly bailing-out banks. Maybe you didn't follow Ireland's predicament where billions of debt were transferred onto the heads of every man, woman and child... How does someone as right as yourself view 'socializing-loses, privatizing-profits' anyway....???


~ "causes of the 2008 crash..derive from US government intervention"

....WTF? If there had been more intervention in the form of stricter regulation and not just lite-touch oversight, we might have escaped the economic shock and subsequent Japanese 'lost decade'...


"Poor people don't need social programs. They need money"

....Economists argue that what the poor really need are better opportunities / level playing field.... But the US elite are adept at blocking that!


~ "eradication of absolute poverty... due to the principles of free markets"

....Technological progress has been more key than economic policy making. Plus, it hasn't come without costs to both the environment and people...


~ "cowardly pinhead can't read / use logic....try to find joy in your life"

....You know the old adage, if you have to resort to personal attacks then you've already lost....


....Back on topic: The sad thing, is that cities in Central & South America are generally becoming safer in comparison to their sister US cities. So much wealth, but what good does it do America anymore? This isn't progress...

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