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Facebook ‘glitch’ that deleted the Philando Castile shooting vid: It was the police – sources

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Anonymous Coward

"I would love to put all those people to work, but can't by law."

......Whose Trump now! Nice condescending elitist tone... Meanwhile, US minimum wage is absolute poverty compared to other developed nations especially Europe.

~ "the violence seen in the last two years to just poverty and inequality...."

......You quote me but then completely ignore the point! I'm saying the 3-pronged devil of 'POVERTY and INEQUALITY is fueling police vs. blacks killings, not RACISM alone. Racism always blossoms anyway when there's extreme poverty and gang lifestyle conflict, as it fuels resentment between all colors & classes!'

~ "Show me a country with the heterogeniety of the US where this is true. Columbia is far less heterogenous than the US and it's not even close."

......They're much closer than you think, especially for the purposes of discussing this topic. I live in Bogota, before that I lived in Chicago. Diversity seems much the same, but largely without the cop kill squads or the rising murder rate (up again in ChiTown).

~ "Venezuela disproves your point handily."

......How? It couldn't be further away from the reality we're discussing here. Go and read some articles on Chavez's toxic policies.. Otherwise its not relevant......

~ "Education and health care have a strong impact on productivity. If you think that there's no connection there, then you misunderstand macroeconomics."

...... Economics is still hanging its head in shame from 2008, so get off your high horse! I'm saying that the funds to improve quality of life for blacks wouldn't even register as a blip, compared to the debt hoarded by the Fed on its balance sheet. So much of economics is debunkable anyway. Just look at the trickle-down-effect. Even Greenspan and Buffet now acknowledge that its rubbish!

~ "very poor understanding of political economy... "

Stop kidding yourself, you can't even spell Colombia correctly! Plus, there's no great insights or solutions being offered by you, just more pseudo-academic / political noise. The kind people are so sick of worldwide!

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