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Attention, small biz using Symantec AV: Smash up your PCs, it's the safest thing to do

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Use the Yellow and Black peril at your own risk!

Feh, I'm not at all surprised by this news!

The same company that ejects their best & brightest regularly (and I know from personal experience) has lost any ability to deliver anything I'd even consider running for my kids, let alone where I now work! The company has an ability to market a turd and make it look less like a turd and more like a shiny new object yet they continue to not serve their customers. Couple this with the CEO o'the year club and you're buying products from a company with no firm leadership.

Or, you turn your brain on, see their products as failed Darwinian experiments and move onto really useful, flexible products instead that aren't bloated nagware and delete them.

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