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"As far as I can see, the only hoped for 'result' was the death of Saddam. Everything else is a shambles."

One aspect was a terrific success, at least for a short while. Vol 9, section 10.3 is an interesting read. Paraphrasing the preamble, we had four objectives - WMD, a stable government, regional peace, the end of terrorism, but in addition...

"The UK also had a number of “second order” objectives, including ensuring that British companies benefitted from any post-war reconstruction contracts. Sir Christopher Meyer, British Ambassador to the US, responded to the paper by questioning whether it was right to classify securing reconstruction contracts as a second order objective. ... UK interests were not something to press immediately, but should be a “top priority” in post-Saddam contingency planning."

"Sir Christopher concluded [that] “We will need to register with the Americans that, in the event of war, the UK will expect to get a generous share of reconstruction and oil contracts after Saddam’s defeat. This did not/not happen in Kuwait after the Gulf War.""

A year later...

"Mr Fergus Harradence, Head of the UKTI’s Gulf Unit, provided an update ... on UK commercial success in Iraq. Mr Harradence advised that there were over 60 UK companies working in Iraq, involved in contracts which UKTI estimated were worth a total of US$2.6bn. That figure did not represent the total value of work undertaken and goods supplied by UK companies, but rather the total value of the contracts on which UK companies worked as contractors or subcontractors.

UK companies had been successful in winning contracts from all the major contracting organisations (the US, the CPA and Iraqi Ministries, the UN and DFID), although UK companies had been particularly successful in winning work as contractors or subcontractors to US Government agencies."

So in that respect a lot of people did very well out of the invasion. Although given the subsequent banking crisis and economic collapse, it looks as if they squandered even that.

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