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Pavegen: The Company that can't make energy out of crowds tries to make money out of them

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A new take on Pavegen...

I am all for new startups making however needs a business plan...and the plan should identify "expected payback period".

So if one invests say £10,000 in a new venture you would want to start making a profit in say 3-5 years.

If we turned Pavegen into a PUC (Power Utility Company) they could then sell their kW-hours to the public. Probably at 15p per kW hour to get a good start....maybe more...

If the Pavegen cost of a 10m x 2m tile installation is say £10,000 (£500/square metre) then at 7w per tile normalised to say 3 people wide by 15 people deep we would get 45, say 50 people continuously walking on the tiles. Thus at 7 watts/tile (or perhaps more accurately as 50 people per tile installation), one would generate say 350 watts for the period of foot-fall. For a 10 hour foot-fall this is 3,5kw-hours per day.

Thus one can estimate a payback period.

The key to Pavegen revenue could however be enhanced if they can gain a key opportunity in another domain...say self powered advertising could be one a green advertising platform...

Anyhow I am keen for all new tech companies to make it and I wish Pavegen well.

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