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Marriage has been a range of different things

From certificate of ownership of a woman to a promise to protect children. What one group calls sacred another might call strange, silly or frightening. Marriage has been beautiful for some and a joke to others for decades if not centuries. Thanks to the internet, both points of view are now brought straight to you laptop with pictures.

Today a computer cannot give consent and it cannot care whether it is treated with love or torture. One day it might be possible to replace a brain cell with a circuit that performs identically. Next imagine repeating that procedure billions of times. Is the result an electronic human with rights or a machine with none? I hope the law will be able to make a sensible distinction in time, or Elon will return to Earth to find humans became slaves to robo-butlers after they understood Planet of the Apes.

I have no problem with this guy buying a marriage to his non-sentient computer, or another marrying a tea pot. I have no problem with half the internet laughing at him. Some people will feel threatened by such marriages, just like some people feel threatened by CIA mind control rays broadcast from satellites. Half the internet laughs at them already. (In the UK we laugh silently for fear of being arrested.)

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