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"....Nihad Awad...." IIRC, Awad was one of the founders of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), a lobbying group determined to "out-Jew the Jews" in Washington DC. They had some success, notably pulling the wool over the eyes of GW's researchers post-9/11, when GW's crew were desperate to find some "moderate" Muslims to help fight "Islamophobia". Unfortunately for Awad, it was discovered he had made some public statements about supporting HAMAS, and had previously worked for the Islamic Association for Palestine (identified as probably a propaganda outlet for HAMAS by the US authorities and linked to the Muslim Brotherhood), which pretty much killed his "moderate" status. I also recall that a number of charities that he was associated with had their assets frozen - that is the type of "risk" HSBC are referring to. TBH, I'm not surprised any Western bank would hesitate to give him an account.

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