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Lowest common denominator

This seems to be part of a shift towards lowest common denominator easy customers, rather than being the savvy choice for more demanding users as in the pre-BT past. Plusnet know there's probably no-one offering a 40/20 service now, so the offered contract termination without penalty is pointless. They are shifting the responsibility of selling products they probably never should have offered on to the customers to pick up the pieces. Many customers on the borderline for 40/20 in the first place will see no benefit whatsoever from the change to 55/10. For those seeing the marginal increase, it may or may not be that useful in practice; we'd have gone for 80/20 if download speed was of prime importance, so I would say there are two main categories of affected users: those who know they've been screwed over by this, and those who don't yet but will all too soon. The only silver lining is that at least we're not on 40/2 which they're selling to new mugs right now, though what happens at end of contract is rather vague.

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