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Anonymous Coward

Why is it secret?

It should be published and challengable as per the right to judicial process.

The target knows they're on some sort of list because they can't get a bank account, so its not like its done for reason.

No fly list is similar, Congress critters even appeared on that one, it is a Nixon style enemies list and outside the basic rights.

Look, Bush was shit, lazy, do nothing, with business links to the Bin ladens, and he put all these secret lists into play, and they should all be removed because they're as shit as he was. There will always be leaders who try to use the state against their opponents, its always been the case, and we always get attempts to keep their tricks secret and it should always be exposed and examined, and cleaned up by the courts.

This list is revealed, if you're on it, sue, take it through the court process. A bit more sunlight, a bit less Stasi darkness.

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