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Global 'terror database' World-Check leaked

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Well, well, well...

A high profile public disclosure of the database beyond the original leak could be wreckless

Or rather, it could be "wreckfull"?

Inaccurate terror designations were first revealed by the BBC's Radio 4 which gained 30 minutes of access to the database in August 2015 from a disgruntled customer.

That "customer" would be a bank employee in a bank subscribing to said service?

One of those was the account for the UK Finsbury Park Mosque which was described in a HSBC letter as having "fallen outside of HSBC's risk appetite". ... Sources say HSBC closed on the mosque because it donated money to Palestine during the 2015 Israel-Gaza war.

Well, it's pretty clear where the loss of appetite comes from. It's not fun being on the lawfare end of the "Forever Victim" industry. But who are those "sources"?

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