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In general I'd agree with your post, except for one point:

Real security requires real effort. The TSA does not put in the effort, ergo, the TSA is useless.

That depends on your definition of "useless". In the context of anti-terror success I would agree, but given how they operate I would venture that isn't the TSA's main purpose. Their real purpose is power and making money for the companies behind them. Remember, this is the US of A. People and principles will always play second fiddle to the almighty dollar, and the TSA is right in the middle of that large number of agencies feeding from the trough of public spending. Any suggestion that they would actually do something useful should be met with the derision that deserves.

The Israeli model scales fine if you have an ample supply of intelligent people with sound judgement, which is where the problem lies if you're running a business that is for the bigger part based on security theatre..

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