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Whoa there, I'm not in the UK but I was eligable to vote in the referendum being a british national and it being less than 15 years since I left the UK. I could quite legitimately sign that pettition, put my address as France and be within those terms.

The fact that Leeds fubar'd my postal vote due to "proceedural errors" then failed to tell me despite us calling the hotline on 3 occasions to check it was all still going through and told me I could vote in person if I picked up a ballot paper on the day when I was supposed to be in a business meeting on another continent is a moot point.

It would be so trivial to do a select based on useragent data from the script I saw being claimed as responsible, and just mark all of those rows bad in the database. And, I think thats exactly what some BOFH at PCCS has done.

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