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"A referendum is only meaningful if it is a clear question with clear outcomes"

Another failure of the remain side. Unless there is a GE (there isnt) the tories are in charge. Until he lost Cameron insisted he would stay as PM. So Cameron asked the question and tried to blackmail the answer. Didnt work, and yes it was democratic even if both official campaigns were shameful. Again the remain campaign was all FUD and so if they lost we should have another referendum too?

"The Leave option is not well defined"

Yes it is. This was a simple referendum of democracy or no. We voted for democracy. The difference is clear between those who accept the result (regardless of beliefs) and those who dont. Now when we have a GE we vote for who we want and that is who we get. There are many reasons, even conflicting to vote leave. Because it allows people to vote for what they want and we can shape our country on our beliefs.

"Leave campaign and ideas are built upon lies and misinformation"

The official campaigns on both sides were. However the referendum was called based on facts and the EU is not winning in popularity throughout the EU. The remain group basically put on sandwich boards and screamed about the end of the world if we dont remain. Amusingly a lot of the arguments to remain through the media (the pro papers!) started with how abysmal the EU is... but we should stay. Thats not a reason to stay.

"Right, the undemocratic genocidal side are Remain, not the side engaging in hate crime against the foreigners. I think in a Hitler analogy, those jackboots fit better on the Leave side."

That really reads wrong to me. I will agree with undemocratic but I dont recall saying you were genocidal. But you are suggesting the result be ignored because you disagree with the opposing view, and your blaming them to ease your conscience (I have not committed hate crime) yet you feel we shouldnt be seen as equal (democratic vote) because we are uninformed or malicious. And so your will should be imposed maybe?

"So, what were the Leave rules in place at the beginning? There were none? Right you are then."

Come back with the goal posts. Compare the rubbish you wrote against what your responding to- "accepting the rules in place at the beginning of a democratic vote". The rules of the democratic vote to get a majority on our membership of the EU. Both sides make their case (I agree the official campaigns were both garbage) and the people vote.

"It can, and should be, ignored, as a 52/48 split is not a sufficient margin to justify years of pain. 70/30 probably, 80/20 definitely, but 52/48? That is a year of old person deaths/young people turning 18 away from 50/50."

You must really love those goal posts. But this is why the rules are agreed before the contest not after. I hear this argument a lot and I agree, such a small vote of support is not a mandate. And as the very first vote on our participation of the EU it is not a mandate to be part of the EU nor to justify the many years of pain. We were taken into it without choice after many promised votes and now we have had it, after the EU has had the chance to show us its wonder, and we voted out and certainly no majority 70/30 nor 80/20 to be in it.

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