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Ah the joys of CBP

I recently entered America (still there) and was treated to nearly 2 hours in a queue as people were greeted with 20 rows of US customs posts with only 3 of them open. Of course to "speed up" the process they had some electronic kiosks to complete some steps of immigration except they roped them all off for some other flight to use and not us.

As a final kick in the balls when I return to the UK I'll probably get another 2 hour queue thanks to their equally bullshit e-borders system which can't cope with families.

And that's on top of the inconvenience and bother of ESTA. The only faint praise I can give to their system was it was slightly less awful than Australia's electronic visa system which takes about 20 minutes a person to complete and only stops short of asking for a stool sample.

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