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Osborne on Leave limbo: Travel and trade stay unchanged

Paul Shirley

"Is there an agreed method by which we get access to the single market without all the conditions attached?"

43years trying to opt out of obligations by the UK is pretty good proof there's no way to pick and choose what you want apart from the big things like the Euro (and that window is gone).

Article 50 is a remarkably simple document with one obvious omission: it guarantees at least 2 years negotiation by the EU but negotiation in good faith is only implied, not specified.

When Boris is finally compelled by an angry electorate to deliver on brexit, the moment he stops negotiating in good faith there's nothing to compel the EU to show it either. And given the history of resisting the separation of benefits from obligations when dealing in or with the EU, there's not an honest court on the planet that would think refusing that was bad faith anyway.

Boris, Gove, whoever takes the poisoned chalice has a lot of explaining to do. And the "TakeBackControl" voters he'll be explaining it to aren't ones I'd want to piss off, as various migrants are sadly discovering today.

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