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"This is not just a can of worms this is a Forties Field full of the wriggling little bastards, the unpicking of the last 43 years of legislation, agreements, trade deals etc etc is going to be an effing nightmare. Any prospect of the UK emerging out the other side as stronger and more prosperous is indicative of someone smoking something other than Old Holborn."

Can of worms ? Nice way to put it. For whatever reason, and I'd here like to have someone explain to me what Cameron was smoking when he decided this, Cameron went to referendum.

This is the effing Pandora box, nice and proper !

Here is the thing:

- the UK has pissed off the whole EU for 3+ decades, going back to as far as Thatcher, to get advantages no other country has had in the EU

- very recently, this occured again

- when you discuss with people, in many EU countries (like I'm doing part of my job), you see they are ALL pissed off about the UK, even more than they are about Greece

The truth is, now, everyone in the EU wants the UK out, there is nothing to negociate, whatever the next PM is gonna ask will be ignored, and of course, he won't have the balls to activate article 50.

This means the UK economy will go down a lot, due to the uncertainty, and the undecision countdown will at the end, as everyone in the EU plays the long game, result in a UK exit with massive prejudice.

Well done, Cameron.

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