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The new government surely realise trade and commercial continuity are key and will keep many agreements in place. Its possible they even negociate a deal that keeps much of the EU policies as they are, after all, most MPs dont want to sever links with europe.

Phil Hammond (Foreign Secretary) addressed this at the weekend -

“Here’s the rub: the fundamental dilemma at the heart of the Brexit position is that we will have to now make a decision about how much access to that single market we want and need to protect our economy and how much freedom of movement we are going to accept in order to buy it. Those who say, ‘No, they need us more than we need them. Don’t worry. They’ll allow us to have control of migration from the European Union while maintaining access to the single market’ are simply mistaken about the balance of power and the level of commitment to this agenda in Europe.

“We will not be able to negotiate control of migration from the European Union and at the same time full access to the single market. There will have to be a trade-off, and that is essentially why the Prime Minister has made the decision he has because only a new Prime Minister can make the decision about what that trade-off will look like.”

That's likely enough to have those who voted out based on a desire to reduce the number of people moving to the UK foaming at the mouth in fits of apoplexy. The irony of this - with a Brexit in place, the UK has no veto on Turkey’s accession but if a member of the Free Trade Area, it would be required to accept Turkish migrants.

You can almost hear the synapses pop as those opposed to migration realise that they have discarded one of their trump cards.

Ah well - more popcorn anyone?

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