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Osborne on Leave limbo: Travel and trade stay unchanged


Scottish independence would be suicidal atm, tbh. They'd need to adopt the Euro (which is also in the shitter from the EU just becoming 13% smaller), and their budget from the last referendum assumed Brent Crude would remain at $115 a barrel in perpetuity... it's currently at $48.

Indyref2 would be followed by 30 years of austerity, a collapse in the entire Scottish welfare state, privatization of the Scottish university system (no more fee tuition fees), and a brutal backlash against the SNP. Which is why Saint Sturgeon's position has shifted from Friday morning's 'we're going to have another referendum' to yesterday morning's 'the Scottish parliament can veto Brexit'... she's been told that any independence campaign conducted right now would be economic suicide (and worse, economic suicide the Scots may actually accept).

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