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If you're rich, white, from a privileged background and preferably male

More excuses.

No an excuse, just a fact. Looking around at the leaders of both campaigns there wasn't much diversity in them. The few faces who didn't fit were put in the public eye as much as possible to counter the impression that it is otherwise.

So get off your arse and start plugging leaks, FFS. Don't just sit there hoping a luxury cruise liner will pass by.

How? I voted remain, my local politicians campaigned for remain and I've been telling everyone who would listen for months than brexit was a bad idea. What else do you suggest?

You don't seem to realise that one of the very strong driving forces behind the Leave campaign was to get rid of the arrogant EU elite who are so convinced of their own infallibility that anyone who disagrees with them must be wrong, and will be told to vote again, and again, until they "get it right".

You do realise you just described the leadership of both campaigns and Farage in particular? The leave campaign has come out and said most if not all of what they promised will never happen. If I was going to be unkind I'd say they knowingly lied to the British public. A lot of what the remain campaign said would happen has come to pass.

Brussels has done stuff like protect all of us from 90 detention, safe harbour failures, privacy invasion on a grand scale from our own government, clean beaches and clean water and many more things like that.

There is a scene in the West Wing were a poll tells some politicians that some people won't support gun controls and they decide to give up on it until an adviser says this should just spur them into fighting harder and convince enough people that they should change their position. That is the position I think the remain campaign should take. I know it's the position Farage has already said he would take if the roles were reversed.

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