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the man from the institute calling petitioners "anti-democratic" and "pathetic" and that "they prefer to have an elite in charge" has a valid point, even though he presents it as something bad.

it is just the european way (*). of course elite is in charge -- members of the commision are appointed, there's no place and no need for any funny election business (i especially like the name: commissioner. although commissar would be even better, there is some nice symmetry between commission and commissioner. it can always be changed when commission renames itself politburo).

or the notion that you have to respect a negative outcome of election. how would then the progress be achieved? no, either ignore the result, or you may indulge the voters and give them second chance. and it works: ireland, france, netherlands... they all saw the light. eventually.

i heard even the uk referendum isn't binding -- and there are already people calling for the repetition.

there is the light. you'll see. willingly, with a song on your lips. you will.

(*) you take the best from french and from german tradition. then you call it a "parliament" as a nod to british. don't sweat it, it really doesn't matter much.

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