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Yes, things have changed, but how did they work in the past? All of the issues raised by Brexit used to be done differently BEFORE the EU treaties came into force.

Immigration - I came to the UK from outside the EU on a work permit. Not the easiest route, but not impossible. If the UK need more skilled people (or cheaper labour...), they'll make more working visas available in similar ways to those used in the past.

Wages/skills: this is down to supply and demand, and I suspect what the "anti-immigration" vote was all about. If both the supply and demand for something increase, the price remains the same... Enjoy your new economic recovery that looks just like the old recession...

Services: with the reduction in the value of the pound, UK services are likely to be cheaper than EU alternatives. If the UK economy doesn't recover and the EU , those services remain cheap. This also applies to exporting as long as a significant part of the value add of the exported product happens in the UK.

EU HQ's? Where do companies make their money - that's where the HQ's are likely to be located. Having CEO's say one thing (I'm looking at you Martin Sorrell) about the importance of EU markets when they contribute around 10% of your global market share vs almost 30% in the UK is a little disingenuous...

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