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"Which was Farage's strategy all along."

Farage is a currency trader. He knew full well what the ramifications of "Out" were a long time ago.

UKIP was a way for him to get media coverage (the "look at me" factor) and political influence without being responsible for what those changes did (the kingmaker scenario). He was playing the role of Court Jester.

The problem is, this is now a "Mouse That Roared" scenario.

He wasn't expecting Brexit, wasn't planning for it and has no idea how to actually deal with it. You could see in his eyes that he was panicking - enough to flat out lie and try to bluff that he never sold the £350 million lie (the interviewer should have been prepared and run the soundbite they later found of him doing exactly that).

Boris was simply shell shocked. He was also visibly panicking in TV interviews. Call Me Dave has thrown up his hands and said "I'm not dealing with this shit" and the EU has made it clear that foot-dragging on article 50 won't be accepted, nor will dragging exit negotiations past the 24 month limit be tolerated.

There are already a bunch of EU-funded science contracts which were under negotiation that got ripped up on Friday, worth a couple of hundred million pounds. You can expect a lot more to follow either immediately (if possible) or at the next review point. The UK government has put almost nothing directly into universities for science research for the last decade and almost all grants have been EU-sourced. That translates into my job being at risk, probbaly dead by August. Ask the Swiss how well voting to can their science research funding worked out.

Most of the big financial organisations are already making plans to move their EU-staff out of London and into mainland europe (those that weren't already, started on Friday morning) and it's a sure bet that vehicle manufacturing will swiftly move to the mainland - bearing in mind that carmaking and vehicle component fabrication is a fundamental underpinning of the remaining UK manufacturing industry...

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