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> And wheather there is any mfg left in the UK or it will become a nation of "financial consultants" and baristas.

I give it a month at most before most of the vehicle makers say they're off to pastures continental.

One of the more immediate impacts of the Brexit vote is that the EU can simply _cancel_ (or suspend with immediate effect) programs investing funding into the UK regions - you know, the same ones who mostly voted "leave" (ahem: Wales, Cornwall, ex-industrial North) along with farming subsidies. The UK is now locked off the table on that so there's absolutely nothing which can be done.

Buyer's remorse simply isn't enough to describe what's about to happen next. Cornwall is already starting to realise just what they've done.

As for the "at least 2 years" mantra, anyone who looks at article 50 will realise it's at MOST 2 years to negotiate an exit and the EU doesn't have to care about the state of UK law or civil service and won't care if the door hits us on the way out.

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