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Thanks, I'm going to guess that it's sour grapes from a bunch of useless twats who have never had to fend for themselves and are shitting themselves silly that they don't have a safety net anymore and don't realise that you're only alive when you stand to lose something.

I know that sounds petty, but this is what will actually drag us down in the end. No amount of enthusiasm, or optimism and hard work etc. will ever get through to someone who feels entitled to something they haven't worked for. It makes me sad, but more than that it makes me feel tired.

I won't give up trying, it's what I believe this country is capable of (by country I mean everyone in it) that keeps me going. Enough people voted for hope that I don't feel like it's a waste of time at least, I guess I'll just need to grow thicker skin. It's odd that I haven't had many comments to explain what the down-votes were for - it's hard to gauge whether I've actually offended or if someone is really just being fickle :/

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