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I used to work in USA, and although my company wanted to sponsor me for a green card there was no way I could stay. All of my USAian colleagues spent their entire working life afraid. I worked for the same company in both the US and back in blighty there were some remarkable differences between the contracts


3 months notice

Redundancy package

4 weeks holiday (inc national hols)

Sick pay


2 weeks notice

16 days holiday (inc national hols)

no redundancy

max of 3 days sick pay

When the company was suffering some financial difficulties a worldwide meeting was held where they stated that as a cost reduction method all north american workers would have a 2 week furlough - which is basically a forced unpaid leave. There was a lot of muttering in the Boston meeting room I was in & then someone said "er can I ask why it is only the US workers who have to take the furlough?" (we had offices all over the world many of which are not renowned for workers rights). In every other country we operated in it was breach of contract.

It is the EU which has been defending us from the worst of corporate exploitation. In part I think due to proportional representation and more politically engaged citizens and of course a history of socialist values and work life balance.

Even if whatever bunch of British public schoolboys (yes, it is our government that is run by more out of touch elitist pricks than any other in Europe) don't fully embrace the "people are product" doctrine of the US, they'll have a lot less power to defend against the push.

At least European citizens demonstrate against corporate pushes like TTIP and increase in working hours etc.. British citizens will believe anything some gurning prick will tell them if it is printed in the scum rags like The Sun & The Mail and roll over and take it.

R.I.P. Jo Cox

R.I.P Great Britain

welcome to little England

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