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"What it is come to is a large percentage of the country are not necessarily racists, but idiots who bought the lies that the Leave campaigners unashamedly spun."

I think roughly 52% of the country would say "fuck you" to that unbelievably arrogant statement.

Just because the country voted to leave the EU (not exactly resoundingly voted but there we go) against YOUR personal beliefs does not make them idiots, racists, biogots or any of the other deeply bitter and nasty epithets people seem to be chucking around right now. You choose to live in this so-called Democracy, how about dealing with it rather than being unpleasant about the majority of it when things don't go your way?

To my mind, the real disgrace here is simply this. We were told to make the biggest single socio-economic and political decision of the the next god knows how many generations and BOTH sides gave absolutely zero credible or useful facts. The whole shower of them both resorted to childish "he's lying, no he's lying more" school ground BS. We deserved better and they failed to deliver.

The whole damn lot of them should be sacked. Every single one of our Political Overlords, regardless of stance, should be out on their ear for epically failing the people by failing to prepare them properly for the enormity of this decision.

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