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PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

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Not so fast. We know the voting is heavily manipulated, and under control by the NWO.

I believe we are looking at another Rothchild trick; I'll explain...

When Napoleon was defeated, a rider that worked for Rothchild raced to London and informed the markets that Napoleon had won. The prices then collapsed and that enabled Rothchild to buy up the market for pennies on the pound. Then the real news came out that Napoleon was defeated, and it was already too late because Rothchild had most of the wealth at that point.

I believe in a matter of days, or maybe only hours, there will be some sort of announcement of a miscount, or a stipulation where the U.K. will not ctually leave the E.U. I think it will be a "miscount", because that will have the biggest impact on the markets.

This is nothing but a transfer of wealth from the lower classes to the Oligarchy.

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