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UK's education system blamed for IT jobs going to non-Brits

Hans 1 Silver badge

Let me explain where I live and "where" I work ....

I live in the south of France, near the Mediterranean, and I work for a Dutch company (Dutch pay). As you probably already know, the UK (or France aka /dev/frogland) does not pay you for your talent, the Dutch do ... Dutch pay + sunny weather, I could have moved to the UK, yes, I could have ... too much rain, too many inbred imbeciles, too many islanders, too many idiots who have never lived abroad who praise the queen and the union Jack or St George's cross with a passion I have, for women, lager, and ... wine!

I should add, too many imbeciles who attempt to give us democracy lessons, when we live in country without a senile monarch or house of inbred lard ....

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